5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors and Illustrators — For Free!

Of course, we all want our favorite authors and illustrators to write more books! Here are some great, no-cost ways to support your favorite authors and illustrators, whether you are completely broke–or not! (Also, check out 5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors and Illustrator–Without Breaking the Bank for low-cost ways.)

1. Request their title(s) from your local public library! Libraries are super important customers to publishers, and libraries will buy multiple copies of very popular books. If your local library doesn’t carry the book, request it! That can make an even bigger difference–other book lovers might learn about your favorite author and/or illustrator just by seeing your requested book out and about at their branch after you are done reading it!

2. Review their book(s)! There are a lot of places to review books; use whatever platform you use normally and then branch out–you can often just copy and paste your same review to a few different spots. If you have read a book, but haven’t purchased it on Amazon, it’s still okay to review it there; they are perfectly fine with it (it just won’t say “Verified Review” on it…no biggie). Goodreads is another great site to leave positive reviews on, as it alerts other book lovers to the book and what they might enjoy about it. Your library might even allow for book reviews–check your local library’s website for details.

3. Talk about them on social media! If you just finished a book that you loved, post a quick pic of it with why you loved it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…wherever you live digitally. Not only will you be sharing the love, but you might find out that you have yet another awesome thing in common with your online friends! Don’t forget to tag the author, illustrator and/or publisher! (They will be thrilled!)

4. Follow the author and/or illustrator! Speaking of online stuff, most of your favorite authors or illustrators will have a social media account (or two…or seven). By following them, not only do you add to their all-important follower count, but you will hear directly from them about upcoming titles, see process sneak peeks, and sometimes even win free goodies (like signed copies–or other nifty swag).

5. Nominate the book! There are heaps of awards for books–including many that are audience-chosen (Goodreads being a popular example). But many local book festivals, parenting magazines, state-wide organizations, and more also have great opportunities for you to suggest that your favorite book gets the accolades it deserves! Keep your ears and eyes out and you just might be the one that makes something big happen for your favorite author or illustrator!