I am a writer of childish things.

In general, I’m a big fan of letting curiosity lead to all kinds of random adventures.

I have:

  • started my own business and sold products around the country (inc. Crate & Barrel).
  • been on national TV (PBS’s Ask This Old House).
  • spent summers with Newsweek and the Foreign Commercial Service in Belgium.
  • traveled extensively and lived all over the U.S. (even three years in Australia).
  • learned entrepreneurial skills from Martha Stewart and her MSLO crew.
  • married a submarine officer and had delightfully redheaded children.
  • volunteered like a mother.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications Management (yes, that’s really a thing) from Carnegie Mellon University and I have an MBA with an emphasis on Economics and Marketing from the University of Arkansas (which I attended with a full academic scholarship). However, I’m most proud of being the only girl on my 7th grade MathCounts team. (We went to State, people!) I’m a huge fan of libraries, comedy, kids, and anything homemade, vintage or French.

Me, halfway through an eye-roll.