“I’ve got nothing to query (or share).” – A Common Creator’s Lament

Recently, a writer friend said she felt like she had nothing to query. We nodded knowingly at our computers (each one likely spilling over with files). This is a common feeling for creators, isn’t it? We all go through phases where, despite all our fine work, despite all the time we’ve invested, we don’t know what we are ready to share–if anything.

Paradoxically, the underwhelm we feel can be overwhelming.

I’ve thought about that sense since, and I’ve decided it’s a bit like choosing an outfit for an important occasion. How many of us have stared into our closet full of clothes and (against all the evidence right before our eyes!) decided we had nothing to wear?

It’s not that we have nothing. It’s that we’re tired of looking at the same things, over and over, in the same way.

But…maybe the answer is the same for manuscripts (or portfolio pieces) as it is for clothes. Instead of looking at the pile of all your writing, take each piece out and spend some time looking at it individually.

Especially look at the oldest stuff you have, the pieces that you may not have had the chops to tackle then–but maybe you do now. Or, perhaps society’s mood has changed…and what was once considered old-fashioned seems charmingly classic.

Sometimes you do need to invest in a new piece. But I suspect there are some real gems in your crowded writing or art files, just waiting for wise eyes to unearth them.

So take them out, try them on…tailor them so that fit you now.

And then, when you are ready…show them off!