Children’s books

I am currently writing several children’s books, following a lifelong passion for children’s literature.

Writing organizations

SCBWI member badge

I am lucky to be part of a fabulous online critique group through the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I am also an active member of SCBWI, the Australian Writers’ Centre and Writers Victoria.

Completed manuscripts (ready for agent review)

Completed manuscripts are available for review by agents or publishers.
Send me a request.

The Cunningham Detectives and the Missing Pie
Ages: 4-8
Peg and Parker Cunningham are smart pigs who run a detective agency. When a pie goes missing, they must be courageous if they are going solve the case. This fictional detective story picture book deals with the themes of honesty, bravery and reconciliation.

Fun Things to Say When You’re Mad: An ABC Book for Big Kids
Ages: 3-8
This ABC picture book for kids age 3-8 offers funny alternatives to swear words, from “Artichokes!” to “Zipperflip!” Its silly (but legitimately helpful) content helps kids learn the art of angry verbal exclamation in an age-appropriate way.

Ages: 1-5
Like his flamingo brethren, ‘Mingo is very eye-catching and also very quiet and demure…until he opens his beak. This book for the pre-k audience will delight readers and caregivers alike with its hilariously revamped version of a well-known song.

The Bird Watcher
Ages: 4-8
An uncommon boy. An unusual bird. Meticulous observations are made. Is this just a normal day of bird watching, or is there a major discovery be made?

The Garage Sale Gift
Ages: 5-9
When Jade needs to buy her best friend a present, she is mortified when her Dad offers to take her garage saling because their wallets are too tight to go to the store. Can she find the perfect birthday present with only $2 and a Saturday morning?

Youneversaurus: Dinosaur Ninjas
Ages: 4-8
The dinos went extinct long ago. They didn’t become ninjas, hiding in plain sight. Or did they? Join us on this interactive journey as we take a tour given by a very intelligent (but perhaps not very observant) curator.

Manuscripts in Final Revision

Manuscripts in revision are available for review by agents or publishers.
Send me a request.

Weird and Wonderful: funny poems by Elayne Crain
Ages: 8-12
What if Shel Silverstein and someone awkward but witty (like Tina Fey or Mindy Kaling) collaborated on a seriously funny poetry collection for modern older kids? Good news – I’m here to fill that unfortunate void on the intermediate reader bookshelf! Whether hearing about the exploits of a criminal kangaroo who stuffs her pocket with ill-gotten goods, laughing along to storylines involving siblings of all sorts, or settling in for some witty wordplay, Weird and Wonderful will be an easy book to enjoy or to give as a gift.

You can read a sampling of these poems on my blog.

Andre’s Magic Knitting Needles
Ages: 4-8
When Andre knits with the unusual needles he got from a flea market, his creations seems to take on magical properties. But when things get out of hand, how can he get his life back to normal – and does he want to?

“The Art Show”
Ages: 4-8
When Winnie enters her art in the Art Show, she is desperate to win top prize. But when a competitor takes it home instead, Winnie just might find there are some things even more rewarding than a big blue ribbon. Readers can learn the philosophy of Ubuntu through this heartwarming story.

Draft Manuscripts

Draft manuscripts are not available for review, but I would be happy to submit a query outlining the storyline in more detail.
Send me a request.

The Cunningham Detectives and the Scary Noise,” for ages 4-8.

“The Cunningham Detectives and the Mysterious Note,” for ages 4-8.

“The Beach is More than Summer,” for ages 7-10.