Garage Sale Domination, the book

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my 30,000-word manuscript for this passion project and would be happy to share it with any agents or publishers. If you are one, let me know.

About Garage Sale Domination
Feel the thrill of the chase, unleash your curiosity and imagination, and live your best life for less!

This unique book is jam-packed with insider tips on having fun, collecting fabulous stories and unique finds, reducing your environmental impact, landing amazing bargains and more (no, really!)

This is not simply a shopping or negotiation how-to guide. Garage Sale Domination is a full-on secondhand hobbyist’s resource that includes bonus material of all sorts, including psychological insights, challenges, games and hard-won saling-while-traveling advice.

About the author
Elayne Crain has been secondhand shopping ever since she got her first dollar as a kid. This guide combines insights she learned from her hard-bargaining Grandma Louise with her own 30+ years’ experience of following her shopping curiosity where it leads. An avid traveler, Elayne prefers to make a beeline for the nearest flea market right out of the airport arrivals gate, if possible.

See some of my Garage Sale Domination bonus material on my blog.