Press & Events

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Past Interviews or Events:

November 2023: “Elayne Crain – How I Got My Agent” interview on the 12×12 blog

August 2023: Elayne Crain: Signing with an Agent, A Milestones Met Interview with Bethany Hegedus

May 2023: ‘CtC Craft & Community: Sustaining an Author Newsletter’ panel with Patrice Gopo and Maria Marianayagam. Replay available Courage to Create members.

Tom Silva and Elayne Crain film for Ask This Old House
Filming with Tom Silva of PBS’s Ask This Old House.

In her pre-kidlit life, Elayne was also no stranger to press, having appeared nationally on Season 16, Episode 12 of PBS’s Ask This Old House, where Tom Silva helped her turn an existing exterior door into a Dutch-style door.

Her fledgling startup food company Austin Sugarworks was also featured on several well-known blogs (including Oh, Joy! and DailyCandy), NPR affiliates and several print magazines.

She also was interviewed on “Face Your Fears, the podcast!” about what it was like to move to Australia–and figure it out when you get there.